Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What Do You Say?

We scored a super nice ironing board at the DI last week for $5! Hot tamales I do love that place. It needs a new cover for sure though. I've been eyeing this one for a few months now (P.S. aren't the vintage buttons on the wall cute?):

But I want to sew my own too! I've been looking up tutorials and have found none for ones with padding. And to me, that's a big deal. Don't really know why but it is, and I'm gonna be stubborn about it. Have any of you made your own and had success?

Marilyn Ironing Board Cover via Lovely Clusters


  1. LOVE THAT COVER!! Stay away from my D.I.s Just kidding. :) You have the best taste. I love your blog and its wood grain borders. :)

  2. For padding, you just purchase the heat resistant foam and then sew it into all of the seams using the regular tutorial directions (just a double layer) I can help you when you are at that point.

  3. Sarah! You are so sweet and I can't help going to yours! Ours has nothing good, I swear! ;)

    Cynthia. Here's my deal: the mens take the boys, and we craft. Bueno? I think so.