Friday, May 5, 2000


My name is Mandi C! I live in Utah with my sweet husband of three years. Not long ago we purchased our new home and will someday have money again to decorate! I was born in New Mexico and moved to Massachusetts later, and graduated from college in Utah. West meets east is my life.

Graphic designer is my job of choice, and I work for the paper crafting company SEI. Love every second of it. There's something really special about looking forward to going to work everyday! I also do freelance if you're interested.

Both my husband and I have a penchant for road trips and any trips it next door or Switzerland. Exploration is our favorite high. We love exploring the DI too and seeing what treasures we can find.

I've had lots of wonderful opportunities in my life and feel incredibly blessed. I hope you do too-life is so beautiful. I love finding and creating interesting things and now have a place I can share them. Thanks for coming along with me!

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  1. You need to up-date where you live. Your little condo has made an up-grade.