Thursday, February 11, 2010

Need a decoder?

My husband and I have decided (as of last night) to do something simple and sweet everyday this week in celebration of Valentine's. We went to a quaint and delicious Italian restaurant last night and practically had the whole place to ourselves! Five courses of us was wonderful.

Since I'm in celebration mode, I think this would be a great small and sweet reminder to give someone today! You can do it for a child in the their lunchbox, or toss it in a friend's mailbox for a secret admirer type thing. It's just adorable. Plus, you can do it with anything, not just fabric and a bobbin. Sneak a message on the toilet paper, roll a typed piece of paper around a pencil, use it to ask for a date or for your friends to be your bridesmaids; endless possibilities. Make someone's day!

Unraveling a Letter by Paper N Stitch (they have tons of great tutorials)

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