Friday, May 7, 2010

The One Where I Tell You Why I've Been Invisible

Dear friends! I've miss you so. California was really super; I got a bit blonder and my nose turned into a chili pepper. I don't know how I managed that being inside the expo most of the trip! Haha. Teaching is always so much fun for me and meeting such awesome women is just amazing. I always get the best students!

We took an extra day to play and headed up to Old Town San Diego because we heard it was beautiful. It really was too; but my favorite part was the Cinco De Mayo festival going on! Holy mariachi bands! Holy food! Oh the food...we had tacos, funnel cake, fruit cups (I'll tell you how to make those soon! so summery and good..) Everything was amazing. Women were dressed up in huge and color saturated dresses, men were making hearts out of husks, and everyone had a smile on their face (I do give part of that to all the margaritas). It was a very cool experience.

Then last saturday, I had the chance to walk for my BFA degree! I finished in December but my family came out for the May graduation. It was just right. Family and friends and Aggie ice cream, which is all a girl can really ask for. And it didn't rain.

So, two days ago, husband and I signed on our new house. WOW! We've been moving boxes all up and down this land. It's a disaster and I love it. But the computer is plugged in and life is kind of normal again. By normal I mean taking two hours to put up a curtain rod. Who chooses rods that you have to screw into the wall? Yep, me! But it's now hanging oh so pretty with this curtain that makes me smile every time I see it.

I love you for making it this far, and I'll be sharing some lovely goodies with you soon! And I'll post your weekend project later. ;) It's not too hard, promise!

Wool Felt California

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