Friday, May 21, 2010

Weekend Project #005

This weekend, I want you to go on an adventure. Go find a new park, try a farmers market, or dig around in grandma's attic. Go do something that makes you excited and maybe a little nervous! We'll be attending a Wild Western Hoe-Down in which I am entering this pie (will add raspberries and orange zest too) and we'll be meeting our new neighbors. Yee-haw!

PS - just barely noticed I spelled Hoe-down HOW-down. I'm apparently very western.

UP Themed Photo Shoot via 100 Layer Cake [also tumbled]


  1. I went swimming in a volcanic crater turned mineral hot springs....does that count?

  2. Totally counts! That is awesome! You guys should come to Crystal Hot Springs with us sometime ;) Not to far from here!

  3. We'd love that! I've actually never been. How silly is that? Let us know sometime and we can all meet up and have fun together.