Friday, August 13, 2010

Make it Cool

Tutorial time is here again! That one I said I would have up last week...well, husband got a new job! In his field! Hooray! But we're had some schedule re-adjusting and so I'm trying to get back into my groove. Sorry for the wait!

Today we're going to be making a long sleeved sweater into a short sleeved one! Simple, no? Well, it was a lot simpler whenever my Mom helps me. Because Mom's seem to just know everything therefore: simpler!

We based our sewing off of Disney's Not Your Grandmother's Cardigan, which is a great reference for this.

sweater whose sleeves you constantly roll up
sewing machine
cutting mat
rotary cutter

step 1: using your ruler, line up edge right along seam of your ribbed cuff. make a clean cut.

step 2: decide how far down you want your sleeve to hit. however: a few things to keep in mind before you make another cut.

your cuff is a smaller diameter than your sleeve will be. try sliding the cuff up your arm and see how far up comfortable still is. don't make it too short or you'll have ring arm imprints by the end of the day. no fun.

also, remember to add the cuff length into your equation, minus a 1/4"-1/2" total for seam allowance. so, from my shoulder, I measured down 4 1/2", plus my 2" cuff which makes it 6 1/2" long. minus 1/2" or less for SA, which takes it down to about 6". still with me? :)

now cut 4 1/2" down (or however long you want the sleeve) and grab that cuff.

step 3: right sides together, pin the cuff to your cut sleeve. you can gather it with a basting stitch beforehand if you like, but that will give you a puffy sleeve like Disney's. my shoulders need no help getting noticed, so my pining was more tucking and folding around so the sleeve would lay flat.

step 4: set your sewing machine to a zig zag stitch. be sure to use a zig zag because this will allow your sleeve to stretch as you move. a straight stitch is no good here! sew close to the edge.

step 5: trim excess edge from your new zig zag stitch.

step 6: repeat steps 1-5 for other sleeve, being very aware of your measurements. Check and recheck to make sure everything is even. If your sweater is older be especially careful since one sleeve may be stretched farther than the other.

step 7: cut loose threads, flip right side out and bear the office cold and summer heat like a champ! And then take a final picture at work because you forgot to take one at home. :)

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  1. Looks great! You are doing excellent work for such a short time sewing!

  2. What a great refashion! I love this! Thanks so much for linking to FTF! Your blog is super cute!

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