Wednesday, November 10, 2010


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When ordering these boots a few weeks ago, I noticed Target had Christmas trees. For allergy related reasons, our house does not subscribe to real trees. So when we first got married I thought, well, if it's going to be fake, it's going to be fake.

We have a brilliantly white tree that I love and cover with white and silver ornaments. Over the years we've gotten some ornaments color though, and they mess with my beautiful white tree plans. So when I was looking at the Target trees, I added a sweet $25 green one to the cart. And we put it up monday.


Not sorry. :) Don't worry, we don't decorate it or anything. And the white tree will come out the day after Thanksgiving, per family tradition. Our living room is just a tab bit closer to a forest right now. And I love it. We even pulled the couch next to the fire, turned off the lights and listened to Christmas music. I'm breaking a lot of rules, I know.

Yesterday was not a model day for me, but I really loved this outfit. After I take in the pants a'll be even better.

When are you putting up your tree, you normal folk?


  1. You are funny mandi. There is no way on earth I could get Karl to let me put up a tree before thanksgiving, unless we aren't going to be home over thanksgiving- then he might let me do it right before we leave. But, we pulled out our Christmas movies the second we saw snow the other day :)

    Cute outfit.

  2. i really love your look. it feels very natural to you and your hair is awesome. i wish i knew how to style my hair haha.

    love the boots and the top ;) and yay for christmas decor! we usually put ours up late so probably december ish already

  3. Ha, this is great! My mother came to visit last week and when I got home from work one day, she'd put up my tree (a tiny tabletop one, since I live in a tiny apartment) and lights above the fireplace. Since I will be gone for most of December (back home at her house), I don't mind having it up early, but it's definitely the earliest I've ever had a tree up!