Friday, November 12, 2010


today I used: 3 // 13 // 18 // 24
 thrifted ae necklace // ae pearl earrings

My favorite outfit yet! I love the blue and red plaid. Plus, it's paired with one of my favorite necklaces. The anchor reminds me of my husband and the ship wheel, my Mom. It's a ready made charm! Do you have accessories that remind you of loved ones?


  1. I need some plaid in my closet, it looks so great on you! And you have awesome hair!

  2. see, even Liz agrees! your hair is your crowning glory! i wish mine had as much character :D

    plaid wins at life, i know everyone's wearing it and it has a lumber jack effect but i'm glad it's come back around :D

    happy weekend!

  3. Loving this outfit. One of my favorite combos, a cardi and a button up with jeans. Perfectly comfortable and stylish. <3