Tuesday, November 16, 2010


today I used: 1 // 27 // 19 // 22
belt (unknowing gift from Poppa) // downeast necklace // brittany chavers poppy necklace (gift from Momma!)

Wow we were having a wind storm today. After about fifteen photos I jumped in the car and it started raining. Woo! So I hope you enjoy the wind tossed wildness that is my hair.

I know I should be on day 8, but Saturday was spent going up north and playing with fabulous people who we helped move (when I say helped, I mean I vacuumed a tad and generally cooed at cute cute children). And Sunday I totally 30 for 30'd but somehow didn't get even one picture. Whups. That's OK though! 

Tell me about your weekend friends! What was something wonderful?


  1. Love your belt, and love your hair poses. So fierce!

  2. girl, rules schmules. as long as you're following the spirit of the law~ haha.

    but really, wind or not, you are looking fabulous and i'm telling you, your hair is cooperating for me. i love it.

    also, i love how you paired the dainty top/pearls with a thicker belt and those boots. you are owning and rocking it. love it.

  3. I love the double ruffles in this post! I have a similar top from H and M, I temporarily swapped it, so it's not in my 30 items :(
    um, I had a migraine, so my weekend was less than fabulous! :(

    eek two frowny faces, um i love your hair :)

  4. I love this top both times you used it!!! The belt & boots look great!