Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Brenton Stripe Snow Day

Some bloggers are very prepared and already had their stripe outfit photographed and posted today! This morning even. I was impressed, guys! Sadly I am not that well thought out in my days yet (next time!) and put this little number on this morning. And then I went outside and it was snowing on my stripe day.

sweater: Banana Republic Outlet, shirt: Gap, leggings: F21, boots: Target, socks+necklace: Wal-Mart

And then I had a great time irregardless! Thanks to layering a set of tights under my leggings, I was hardly even cold. Snow play just got more fun and fashionable. Have you tried that yet? I was cozy all day, and just a tad bit firmer. It's like a worked my little tail off when really, I had four chocolate truffles at work today. They were divine, btw.

I know there is just one big stripe acrost (is that a word?) me, but hopefully that's OK! I'm a graphic designer and like my stripes bold.

I had so much fun shooting that I was all smiles driving all the way up to work today too. And snow driving usually makes me shaky and wide-eyed. Not fun. But apparently the solution is just have a ton of fun before I have to do it! Then, not so bad. :) I was also belting this song the whole way and singing it to myself the rest of the day. It's just perfect.

Only a few hours left to enter the earring giveaway...three pairs. Go give it your all! You know I'll be packaging them very very pretty...


  1. love this look! i recently purchased this shirt, so it's nice to have an inspiration for styling it. and that mustard cardi is amazing. and so are your adorable pictures! (and super jealous of that snow!)

  2. girl, despite your non-stripe-ing, you look adorable!!! i love the yellow and the umbrella and look at you braving the snow! i approve. ;)

  3. Just discovered your blog via EBEW. Really like your take on the stripes. Great outfit and lovely photos.

  4. Love this look! I have those same boots! I love them

  5. I LOVE IT when photoshoots energize me. I totally know what you mean. This one is brilliant doll, and I'm a huge fan of the big bold stripe myself. Too much fun, these photos!

  6. your top photo ought to be for some cool ad in a magazine!

  7. good idea with the tights under the leggings...extra coverage.
    i love the one big bold stripe...creativity at its best.

  8. perfect! seriously, i love the color blocking here...who says 20 stripes are better than 1 anyway? you look adorable as always!