Friday, February 25, 2011

17/30 + 18/30





day 17 I wore: 4 / 6 / 23/ 27 / anthro floral tights
day 18 I wore: 4 / 18 / 29 / 31 / pin from Maria / homemade heart clip

So yesterday (day 18) I may have had a mid-30-for-30 crisis. But instead of going out and buying a car I strayed to the other side of the closet. Dangerous. So say hi to my ruffle tank! It was wear that tank top or say sayonara to this challenge. Life has been on fast track and not that it's been a bad busy, but you know. Some mornings are just not made for spending a half hour in front of the closet. This is where outfit planning would have come in handy...I'm learning!

Word is that learning a second language is the hardest one, then after that they come much easier. (I legitimately have no clue if that's true...I've heard though.) So the second 30-for-30 is the hardest, right? Cool runnings after that. I'm almost there and I am not giving up. But apparently that meant adding one more item. I'll take it if that keeps me sane.

Also say hi to my new snowboarding jacket! Not that I snowboard. But it fits! And it's mint blue! And I love it. We saw it a couple months ago at Sports Authority and I loved it then but didn't buy it. That's a big purchase even if I did need a new one. So when we went back to find boots for the Mr. and it was still waiting for me, we had to jump. It was a sign from the winter coat fairies that we were meant to be. It has more pockets than I'll ever know what to do with too and that excites me.

The party went amazingly last night thanks to a million willing, helpful hands. Super sweet surprise 16 was AWESOME. I'll show you pictures when I get them back from the photographer. (I just make things pretty) and tonight is dinner with four of my most amazing friends ever! I can. not. wait. Giggling, hugging, homemade pizzas, cute cute cute kidlets and husbands to boot. Just what the weekend called for.


  1. I think that tank is a small price to pay to keep you from saying sayonara. Plus, it is too pretty to hide away for all 30 days.

    The Auspicious Life

  2. You look so completely cute in it! And your pictures are always gorgeous!

  3. Two very cute outfits in a row! Love them both :)


  4. I love #18 SO HARD. You are a ruffle princess. Hope you had fun with your friends!!

  5. love it! the ruffle tank looks so cute!! you can do it! (i'm on day 28 and can't wait to be done!)
    I'm having a giveaway!! Cardigans and Cookie Dough

  6. I love love love that cardigan, it does look extra cute with the ruffle tank :)

  7. Think the mix of ruffles is adorable, I wont tell if you dont. and LOVE the color of your new jacket! wish I had the weather to wear a coat like that!

  8. I feel you. this challenge has been surprisingly harder than the first one. you'd think we'd be better at it right? well i hope the second-language metaphor is right.

    I DO LOVE THIS RUFFLED TANK SO MUCh. you look amazing :)

  9. Love your peach cardi! So perfect for spring!


  10. Hey! I have those tights. Love these pictures. The composition is awesome with the skyline and you look great!