Thursday, February 10, 2011



today I wore: 3 / 18 / 28 / wal-mart tights / F21 necklace

Guys, I totally slept through my alarm. So I am out! But I want you to meet our new friend first.

This is our humidifier. Husband picked it out and when it arrived in the mail I nearly died I was so tickled. Penguins are my favorite. And even more him! But it needs a name. (we think it's a boy.) Ideas?


  1. Love those t-strap heels on you, and love the way you layered the necklaces under that sweater. So pretty!

  2. cutest close-up ever. you look adorable.
    and that jacket + accessories, i wouldn't have thought of putting it together ebacuse there's already detailing in the top but you're rocking it :D just as fierce as your hair!

    your husband, the penguin. everything's so cute. i've always wanted to name a pet charlie, and this humidifier looks like a charlie haha.

  3. I'm totally smitten with the name Pancake. I named a bunny Pancake once, and I still miss the name (not the bunny-bunnies and me do not mix). I also love the name Hugs. Ok I'm not very helpful because I never pick human names. haha

  4. I love the carpeted coving. Yum!

  5. I totally love the look of your layered necklaces with that neckline...totally would never think to do that!

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  6. I love your hair!