Wednesday, February 16, 2011


today I wore: 5 / 13 / 18 / old navy flip flops / F21 coat

YOU GUYSS...I lost the photos from our trip. Ugh. I'm a little heartbroken. I'm going to leave the camera in my husbands capable hands and see if he can work some technological voo-doo and get them back. Everyone double cross your fingers for me. And toes? I did get a few somehow, so I'll show ya those. :)

So I forgot how St. George doesn't warm up until the just trust me that my 30 for 30 clothes are under the jacket. Because it's true and I was chilly. But this was at the St. George Art Museum where they had a Charles Becker Exhibit going. Dude is a crazy mix between Jean-Simeon Chardin and Salvador Dali. So much talent.

Also, meet husband! I've never shown him on the blog before. He got glasses last year and now we're an even nerdier couple.

Now meet Snow Canyon. Oh my. I could have spent the whole trip in that place with all it's sweeping rock formations and red hills. And there's not actually snow's just white rocks and calcium deposits and geological things like that. Basically beautiful. I'm so glad my Grandparents love hiking too and take us to these amazing places. Pretty much awesome.


  1. St. George! My hometown! I get inexplicably excited whenever I see it online. =) Next time you go, feel free to hit me up for random recommendations. And good luck finding the pictures!

  2. Oh, no, that's so sad! I hope he can work some magic on the camera. At least you have these shots - they are gorgeous!

    The Auspicious Life

  3. i'm gonna cross my extremities for you. i hope you get your photos back :( also of course we trust you. i'm sure you look adorable underneath it all.

    and oh hai mandi's husband! you guys are the cutest nerdy couple ever