Thursday, March 24, 2011

Click my Glittered Shoes

I've been considering a pair of Tom's for a while, but something just hasn't clicked for me. Then a few nights ago I came across these.

I think these are the answer to my glittered flat question (don't we all have that question?!).


  1. I wish I had some glittery shoes. Every thing looks better with some glitter!

    Born To Be Styled

  2. Me tooo! although, I don't really want the glitter ones. I want to buy a pair for the whole family, I just haven't gotten there yet...

  3. I agree! Very CUTE. I need a pair of comfortable slip ons. Toms just are not in the budget for me.

  4. I was sooo against the whole TOMS thing. I have a pair in black sparkle. OH soooo yummy. It may be my only pair but I do love them.