Tuesday, March 15, 2011

We heart the 90's


shirt: Wal-Mart (similar), skirt + shoes: target

While driving home:

Me:     Could you fix my watch? I think it's at my elbow.
Him:   Yes! Your arms are just too skinny you know.
Me:     Well, sorry my arms are so skinny....NOT.
Him:   Did you just say not? Are we in the 90's?
Me:     I'm wearing a denim shirt, of course we're in the 90's.

And then we laughed. Because seriously, we were only made in the 80's. Trends are crazy right now. And fleeting...I got the denim for $1. Thank you Miley!


  1. WUT?! $1 denim shirt at Walmart?!?! Was this recent? If so I must make the dreaded trip to Walmart tomorrow...

    I love walmart's clientele.... NOT :)