Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Run Down, or Run Over.



blazer: thrifted, ruffle tank: old navy, skinnies: forever21, heart pin: gift

We are currently on the mend from quite a weekend. In this order:

friday:   wake up and have husband walk
              camera batteries die right as he and Karl walk past me
              saved by Sister-In-Law who I didn't know was coming with fully charged camera
              About 500000 pictures between her and my ipod (her's are better)
              Panic attack when we get to in-laws and my un-finished skirt is still at our house
              Other SIL saves day and refashions me a new skirt from a different old skirt
              sleep somewhere around midnight

saturday: SIL's son get's baptized; tears, happiness
               more photos; children really unhappy about that
               lunch of hot dogs and s'mores and two batches of red velvet brownies for Niece's birthday
               naps all around
               readying for our wonderful family pictures! (which was the reason for skirt panic attack)
               surprisingly happy and smiling kids and good lookin' people posing for camera
               straight back up to in-laws for local Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser
               chocolate cake with funfetti sprinkles frosting. YES
               pillow fight war with nieces and nephews for like an was epic

sunday:  Mother's Day law "No mother shall make breakfast" strictly enforced by Husband and I
              cut up hershey's bar chocolate chip peanut butter pancakes and Julia Child's omelets
              Husband helping Father
              Sweet bath in giant jet tub
              1 o'clock church back home
              Men took over all teaching jobs in honor of Mother's day: I get real lessons (rather than teaching
              them) and husband chases children for two hours
              Skype with my fam and gift opening
              naps all around
              sleep somewhere around midnight

I left some stuff out...drat. Fast forward to tonight and Husband is on the couch with a sore throat and I am ready for another round of 'sleep somewhere'. It's a good life.

Also, utahns, did you see the news? Two floors ladies.


  1. i know! i heard about it last week! i am SO excited! i cant wait :]

    i'm goin to be so broke this coming fall...H&M will eat my wallet alive!

    AlphabetSoup Style

  2. p.s. i checked out that chiffon top at old navy...old navy should take some pointers from you girly! theirs looks nothin like yours- they need a new photographer haha

    AlphabetSoup Style

  3. Holy busy! But you still managed to look adorable. I really really like the ruffles on that top. And that heart pin? UH-mazing. I have a bando one like it that I'm obsessed with. Fun stuff.

  4. It was a crazy weekend, but worth the memories :)

  5. oh i have GOT to get me that ruffle tank! so cute on you!

  6. I am tired reading your list! But it sounds like a great family weekend! Sweet outfit cutie!

  7. boo...blogger ate my comment. i was goin to say that that top was really cute! im thinkin about gettin one but my body type is a lil but different then yours...

    i love this outfit of yours!

    AlphabetSoup Style

  8. amen to that quote. you look lovely dear and hang in there. despite the busy-ness, i'm glad you had time to blog ;)

  9. what a lovely little heart pin missy :) glad you like it!

  10. I absolutely love your hair!!

  11. Oh my I do love this outfit. The blazer and the heart pin is a great touch. Congrats to your hubby by the way! Exciting stuff.