Saturday, June 4, 2011


While I was on the phone yesterday with my Grandma, she confessed something to me.

She had been evil.

So I asked what on earth she meant by that, because Grandma does not do evil. It's not in her dictionary. She explained that she had cheated on her diet. You see, my Grandma was diagnosed with pre-diabetes not too long ago. She has been nothing but wildly vigilant in her exercise and diet (something she's always excelled at anyway), so this was a little funny to me. Especially because she cheated with steak and an omelet. Not the top of my diabetes worries, personally. But she is a diabetes diet rockstar and it troubled her.

She bravely confessed to Grandpa who quoted her Isaiah 1:15-16. Specifically "cease to do evil, learn to do well". Grandpa got in on our phone conversation by this point and we reflected on the beauty of this sums up quite simply the meaning of repentance. Learn being our favorite word because this isn't something you just wake up and it's magically done. Repentance, life, everything is a process. To do and learn are a call to action.

Now Grandma wants something to put on the fridge to remind her, and hello, on the fridge? I love my Grandma. She is wonderful. So I made her a little printable to keep her in sainthood, even though she's already there. And then I thought I'd share, because I love typography. And you. And this ideal. It's just a good karma circle going around.

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  1. I should have that tattooed on my forehead so I don't cheat on my diet, I work out every day, I clean my make up religiously every night and don't sleep with my hair in a pony tail.

    Too bad I don't do tattoos. :P

    Pretty Polka Dots