Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hello Sunshine

shirt: wal-mart, shorts: abercrombie & fitch outlet, shoes: target

You'd think the sun actually came right beside me for this picture, but since my pale legs could be used for reflective tape, the answer is actually no, it did not. But we're going with it!

Today was wonderful because it was Husband's first day at his new job! YAY! Graduated with a real job. Goodness. We feel so blessed and so. very. excited. Now to paint the house, right? More on that (hopefully) soon.

We dropped by Target saturday and they are having some major shoe clearance. I got these (wearing, in a dark taupe) and these for $6.24 each. And they had many more styles. Husband was bumming because there were no mens clearance...he loves Target clearance almost as much as I do. We did find him some very nice Lucky jeans at Costco of all places, however. And they don't have very nice Lucky's for me, so I consider us even.


  1. Ahhh... so glad I'm not the only one who has photo problems! At first glance you looked quite immodest on the bottom half... but I know better. So many adorable outfits! Can't wait to see the paint.

  2. You are so full of sunshine yourself you flare out the camera!

  3. Love your blog!!! ;)