Thursday, August 11, 2011

Miss Mixed

pattern mixing
shirt: american eagle-thrifted, skirt: wal-mart (the bella bird line) scarf as belt: wal-mart, you can't see my nude heels: target

Do you like that Husband is totally stalking in the shadows? This is what happens when I forget to charge my camera and have to take pictures at 7pm. Lots of shadows. But hey, you can see a tree shadow too, which is exciting for us. That particular tree is now in a different spot...we're figuring it all out. 

And thank you all for the dress pants suggestions. I will find some I like! And maybe even some white pants too. That's on my closet wish list. Do you have one of those? I keep a running tally of things that it needs. That way when I'm out and about I think about those essentials items and focus rather than getting distracted by work out clothes and hoodies. Which is what I wished I lived in a lot of times. But apparently that's not chic. WHAT? I won't tell you all about my sweet new work out shoes then. Or maybe I will.

Aren't they preeeeeetty? I know. That's all that matters in a running shoe. The pretty. But know this...these are a giant win from the last pair I had. Only these would not participate in this. No, not these. They will go to the gym with me, though. And we will Zumba together in perfect, sweaty bliss. 


  1. When I saw your thumbnail on the Pleated Poppy's What I Wore Wednesday, I actually thought we were wearing the same outfit! Turns out, it wasn't exactly the same, but I like your take on pattern mixing. :)

  2. Great outfit and great smile. I love your style. Hope you get a second to link up over at Momtrends on our fashionably fun Monday Mingle:

  3. Hi! simply love ur smile! Great outfit!