Thursday, August 25, 2011

Summer +



shirt: downeast, pants: thrifted Forever21, belt: thrifted NY&Co shoes: target

I cannot believe how hot it's been here! Summer apparently arrived. But now the problem is I'm thinking about fall and pumpkins and warm soups and chili instead and wishing for a little cooler weather. Layers please! I am insatiable. 

My Grandma and I are canning salsa this weekend! I'm going to try to record this process and hopefully I can share it with you guys as well. :) Are you big on canning at all? I think it's such a great way to have homemade, fresh things in your home and hello totally cheaper. Plus my Grandma's salsa is heaven sent. It's my Mom and I's comfort food. None of this steak and potatoes business...we're salsa people.


  1. Oh I want a good salsa recipe! Yey! Can't wait. And it's flippin' hot here too (OR). It's killing me. I want pumpkin spice lattes and scarves!

  2. Wish I could be there with you! But I may eat it all...

  3. I agree this has been a great summer for weather! and I'm loving it! That's a cute outfit! I love floral prints. That's so fun that you're canning salsa...I love salsa! Especially salsa with mangos! Do you have a good salsa recipe to share?

    By the way, I'm new to the mormon fashion blogging community! You have a nice blog!

    sherri from SHERRI AMOUR

  4. What a cute outfit! I love it!!