Thursday, September 15, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!



shirt and heels: target, jean leggings: forever 21, watch: meggie's love, necklace: american eagle


-Thinking you're part of a conversation that you're actually not. I'll just go run away to my bike now, thanks.
-How angular/ungraceful my Zumba moves are. I'm great at the robot?
-Listening to my backyard neighbor blast his own flavor of backcountry rock music. But he's not there. So just for me then? Okay.
-Not knowing what you want for a hair cut when you sit in the chair. Uh, I have no plans. Ever.
-Tripping on your own heels at work, then laughing at yourself. Then realizing no one saw you but now they are watching and wondering why you're laughing.


-Not caring how bad I am at Zumba and going for the first time last night. Zumba > running. Any day!
-Getting my watch from Meggie's Love. I love love love it.
-The cut of this shirt, which is why you were quite very blessed with a bum shot. Yep.
-My neighbor's friend's explanation of Zumba: "it's just like school dances" only it's not. It's way better.
-Still getting a fabulous hair cut and color even though you have no plan. Which is why I return time and again. And for the laughs.
-"Just a Kiss" by Lady Antebellum. Can't stop listening to it.
-The mystery date that my Mister has planned for us tomorrow night. I'm supposed to wear comfortable and pretty clothes. Any guesses what it is? I have ruled out hiking, sky diving, and meeting Kate Middleton.
-Our dinner which was cottage cheese. With a dash of pepper. We're 80. Oh wait, was that awkward? Let me introduce you to my box of All Bran.

outfit linked at the pleated poppy - sydney the awkward/awesome inventor


  1. Oh Mandi, how we miss you guys. Your post made me laugh. :) I'm glad there was awesome mixed in with your awkward.

  2. Oh, yeah... Zumba>Running ANY DAY! I love Zumba. I'd do it every single day if I could. So much fun!

    Also, I love your hair. Can I have your hair? Awkward question. :P


  3. I love your hair! It is awesome! And as for awkward things, I totally agree with the above mentioned things. Especially the convo one! Ha. Super cute blog!

    I am hosting a really fun $25 Ann Taylor LOFT gift card giveaway at my blog. They have really cute, modest looks for fall! Come by and say hi! :)

    Along Abbey Road