Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cropped on Top

crop top: old navy, undershirt: downeast, pants and necklace: american eagle, shoes: payless

I need to find a better spot for pictures than the garage door. I've been lazy and sleeping in and don't have time to shoot photos in cool locations. But I will tell you these khakis and I love each other. They know to make me look nice and tall and I know to love them for their fluorescent orange tags. (I'll get a close up of the orange someday! I keep forgetting.) And crop tops? I think I'm coming around. As long as it's balanced with a long undershirt, we're cool.

Last night I got back from a New England Thanksgiving, ie hanging with my family. Husband only had thanksgiving day off so he lovingly (and me with a big fat twinge of guilt) shipped me off without him. After almost five years of being married, it was really bizarre not having him there. We all missed him, except the cat. Who apparently didn't miss me either. But cats are like that, no?

Even though I dutifully packed my camera, I used instagram the entire trip. So next post will be a lovely little thanksgiving recap!

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