Saturday, January 7, 2012

The New Year: 2012

We thought for new years we'd forgo cold weather and hang out with my Grandparents in St. George.
Cache and I managed to stay up to midnight by accident. Around 10:30 I was mighty hungry (surprising) so we wandered to the kitchen and found my Grandma was still awake watching Antiques Roadshow and HGTV. YES! We don't have cable so shows like those are kind of a treat for me. She called it a night not too long after and we stayed up watching people buy houses we could never afford. All of a sudden we heard car alarms and fireworks! So we looked at the clock and duh, it was bedtime. I mean midnight.
So the first day of 2012 we explored Snow Canyon. Little known fact: it was named after the Snow family that donated it to the state, not because it has white mountains among the red rock. Weird.
Neither of us are very into new years resolutions...we're more if you want to make a goal, do it. Don't wait until january around kind of people. I am working on this lovely little set though. A good way to set my compass for 2012. Love the idea of writing a letter to yourself. Baby will be getting one too.


  1. love these pics!
    so happy you'll be doing your resolution cards!
    love, lindsay

  2. Love the photo of the berries!