Thursday, January 19, 2012

party on my arm



faux fur vest: pacsun (mom), button-up: old navy, jeans: buckle, heels: target
"arm party" watch: american eagle, pearls: old, gold chain: thrifted, beads: mom

The living room and kitchen are painted! Except one large accent wall we randomly decided on. But when you buy a sample named mineral and fall in love, what are you supposed to do? MINERAL, guys. It's gorgeous. You'll get nice daytime shots of the legit color (no filters!) when we finally finish cleaning up. Because did you know that when you paint, all the junk on your counters and tables suddenly make a heap in the middle of your house? It's true. At least now we can play King of the Castle indoors.


  1. Looove your look. And heels are from Target?? I've been seeing "Target" listed everywhere, I have got to get there!

  2. If that isn't the most fun vest ever, then I don't know what wOULD be the most fun vest ever, you know?

  3. love this! and congrats on the little girl :)