Monday, April 30, 2012

Diaper Bag Week // Day 1 Color Full

This week I thought I would do a round up! I've been searching a lot for a diaper bag that I love and hopefully something that Cache feels comfortable with as well. At first I was really disappointed in choices...but then I started looking...and saving and saving and saving images. So get ready for five days of bags! Lots are just purses as well, so don't worry if you're not expecting. Just enjoy all the window shopping.

Today is all about color. The great part? Not one of these are actual 'diaper bags' either. In my eyes a purse works just a great, my only requirements were size and hopefully a shoulder strap as well. Also, not one is over $55. That's no small feat in the diaper bag world. 

1. Aldo // 2. ASOS // 3. Aldo // 4. Target // 5. Aldo // 6. Forever 21


  1. My sisters and my mom got me a really big Coach purse for my diaper bag. It definitely works. No need for a fuddy-duddy bag. :)

    1. I hear rave things about Coach bags! You're lucky to get one! And heavens no to fuddy duddy :)