Thursday, August 30, 2012

instagram catch up

There is nothing like summer fruits and veggies, and the anticipation of fall (yay candy pumpkins!) and of course talking to the stuffed fruits and veggies. I came in from grabbing a few things in our bedroom and Darling was just chatting away to her strawberry. She had a lot to say and it was a treat to stand there and watch her. She's decided in the last few weeks to start babbling about everything we we're completely enchanted. She has things she wants to tell us, too. Not just talking for talks sake.


Darling isn't rolling all the way yet, but she was charming that sunday night trying. She'll get there! Lots of Grandma hugs were the reward.

We ventured out thrifting the other day (this bean is so tall she's already in 3-6 easily) and I found the makings of a very awesome band. Who's in? My Mom watched Darling while we went on a dentist date! I know, about as romantic as it sounds. :) I was so excited to see the huge fall issue as I sat down, and right after taking a pic of it (for prosperity, you know) they called me back. It's like they had no idea how treasured that issue was!

Basically I'm head over heels in love with this girl. The day my Mom flew back home we were both in a little bit of a funk. Usually when I put her down to change her diaper she calms down, but she kept crying. Just that sad cry, you know? So I started singing to her and the light coming out of that smile! Oh I just about died. She's such a sweet little thing. We danced and sang for an hour at least, enjoying each other. 

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  1. I just love that sweet little baby of yours! She is just too darn cute!

    1. We love her too! She's too much, I can hardly stand the cute!

  2. it's been way too long :) congratulations on the beautiful baby! i'm so ready to catch up :D