Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Runaway Baby

This is a tale of a runaway baby.

Every 9th of the month, give or take a day, her Mom would set up a white linen blanket and snap a few  pictures of her smiling and generally being long.

And on her golden birthday (nine months old on the 9th, to be exact) this little baby decided she had had quite enough of being on her back. There were much grander ways to be in a picture, she thought. Maybe more abstractly...less about her face and more about her cute toes. She really likes her toes, after all.


And maybe one like she's snuck up on her Mom. She liked doing that, too.


And she thought she might explore other kinds of poses if Grandma was going to make her stay on her back.


But then Grandma pulled out a video of that runaway baby herself. She was mesmerized.


Only for a second though.


and then she was off again.

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