Monday, April 8, 2013

Couldn't Resist the Beatles Sunnies.


shirt: h&m | leggings: forever 21 + diy | shoes: target | sunnies: h&m | watch: ebay | bracelet: groopdealz

Having worn glasses since kindergarten has had a lot of benefits over the years. I've been accessorizing a long time, for one. ;) My eyes have been protected from many balls, fingers, and paper airplanes while at school and darn it, I just like them.

Sometimes I get the urge to wear sunglasses though. Last time we got glasses Cache even had me nearly convinced to get a prescription pair. Butseriouslythatsalotofmoney. So I just keep on buying cheap ones a few times a year and double them up when I'm driving. Like glasses then sunglasses. Yep! Now you know my dirty driving secret. Wave at six eyes next time you see me driving down the highway, okay? 

There's a tutorial coming soon for these leggings! They were super fun and easy.

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