Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Year at a Glance

Something I knew I wanted to do long before we had any kids was to do a monthly photo. Watching them grow is weird when you're a parent. They wake up from a nap and you think to yourself 'your nose is different!' or 'those fit yesterday!' but sometimes it's hard to actually see. You live life everyday and suddenly you have a one year old.

I've seen a lot of different ways to go about this project, but the lying down pose was my favorite. By five months it was near impossible to keep this girl still long enough to get a picture though! And it's hard to see how tall she's gotten since there's nothing to compare her with. So next time around I'll be doing something a little more...adaptive. High chair, laundry basket, crib...I'm up for suggestions. 

Some months were a bit rushed, a few were even with my iPhone, but I did it. And I love that I have this record. It reminds me of some of the bigger things (the major hair loss at two months) and some of the sweeter little things (camera face at four months) and I feel like I was able to capture a bit of her every time. They're all my favorite for different reasons.

And can I just say? I love her. 

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first picture by the incomparable CioCo Photography, all the rest by me.

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