Wednesday, November 24, 2010


today I used: 2 // 19 // 22 // 27 // 28
tie from shirt #11 // american eagle necklace

I loved this outfit in theory! But when I looked at my frigid pictures, I realize I looked like a giant ruffled rectangle. Ah well! It was a girlie feeling outfit and let's be honest, rectangles need to have fun too.

I fully intend on making my half way to thirty mark tomorrow. No sweatpants in my 30 but I'll manage! I actually have never owned a pair of for real sweatpants so I really shouldn't be surprised I didn't plan on that. Maybe Santa will bring me sweatpants. :)

Since Thanksgiving is tomorrow, I hope you all know that I'm grateful for so much. My amazing family that I can't get enough of, my friends old and new, my job, my religion, Grandma's cranberry chutney, pretty jewelry, a free country, excellent typography, those brave pilgrims and so much more. 

No matter what stage and situation of life you are in, I hope you can see the beauty all around. Each and every person is blessed in some way, so take time to see just how rich you are. All my love!


  1. <3 happy thanksgiving
    AND GIRL YOU LOOK LOVELY (not obvious with the frigidnes) and i love the top and belt combo. you look so pretty! :D

  2. I think you look great! Not boxy at all, very feminine!

  3. mandi, i love your ruffled shirt. i want to wear it! and you don't look like a rectangle