Saturday, November 27, 2010

15+ 16 of 30

day 15 I used: 1 // 11 // 21 // 24
forever 21 earrings // making memories necklace

day 16 I used: 5 // 20 // 22
scarf from street shop in Switzerland // Old Navy jacket

Thanksgiving was amazing amazing amazing. We went to my Aunt and Uncle's house with Grandma and Grandpa and there were a whole slew of other wonderful family members and people I haven't seen in years. It was perfect. And completely delicious. Isn't it funny we spend hours preparing for a meal we eat in fifteen minutes? Those minutes are sure divine though.

So, that tree I'm hugging? We're returning it! Haha. I have a serious weak spot for big, fat trees and last night at the DI we found a great one. And for only $15. I love him. So back to Target the smaller tree will go.

After putting on my cords yesterday, I decided I couldn't handle the baggy butt any longer. I bought them knowing I'd need to alter them a bit and so I went to town. A little too excited, I didn't take any pictures...measure, pin, anything. Bananas. But it worked, thank heavens! Susan of Freshly Picked' tutorial is pretty much exactly what I did, sans actually marking. They were also large enough on me that I had to take in from the bottom of my front zipper all the way down. Now they fit into my boots! Hooray.


  1. I love you Mandi. You are so funny. Love the outfits too. p.s. we need to play soon!

  2. I love the picture of remix #16. The colors are so rustic and the setting works so well.
    The Auspicious Life

    and yes, prepping the food that is consumed in seconds is always worth it. i'm glad you had a good holiday.

    thanks for the ttuorial. though i can't sew to save my life and i know i should, i'll check that out.

    love the color of your scarf and your treehugging ways <3

  4. All of your outfits are super cute! I need to take some notes from you!