Sunday, November 28, 2010


today I used: 3 // 11 // 15 // 26
downeast necklace (won!)

Sorry I haven't been wearing shoes the last few days. There is a strict no-shoe-on-the-brand-new-carpet policy that even I cannot break. This whole gig would fall apart and no one needs that.

Today we decorated tree #3 with my family via skype. It's family tradition that the day after Thanksgiving we go to a local tree farm and saw down the biggest and fattest of the bunch. I was mighty proud of the looker they snagged this year! Then home it comes where it gets delicately arranged and fed and decorated with wonderful memories. My Mom is an avid ornament collector-each one on our tree is from a vacation or place or somewhere sweet from her heart. We would hold up an ornament to the cam and reminisce about each thing. It was perfect! I love being able to participate in something I cherish so much even though we're far away.

At Thanksgiving I found out my super cool cousins skype with each other and cute kidlets daily. We are seriously a tech-happy family!


  1. skype makes holidays more complete in the cheapest way possible. i'm glad you got to participate in your tree tradition.

    ALSO, i feel you on the shoe-less gig. our marble floors are all re-shiny-fied (not a word, i'm sure) and i dont want to walk on it either.

    needless to say, despite the lack of shoe-age, you look fabulous. i love the necklace and how it goes with your top and the tucked in cardi. basically, you are looking every bit the prim and proper lady though we all know that's not true haha!

    hope you had a good weekend!

  2. SUPER gorgeous top/accessories. I just figured out I can click on your photos for a larger view so if you're wondering who the creepo is who's doing that IT'S ME. :)

    And how awesome is it that neither time nor space can keep you and your family apart during Christmas tree decorating?! YAY 2010, YOU ROCK. ;)

  3. I really like your blog a lot and I was going to ask if you could make your pictures bigger, but I just read Monkey Face's comment to click on the image... still.... still, that's a lot of clicking.