Sunday, November 28, 2010


today I used: 1 // 12 // 19 // 22
wedding pearls (aww)

After getting all gussied up, the Mister took me on a long awaited date to see Harry Potter yesterday! Oh my. They were too cool for school and wandered around England at lot and there was amazing graphics and scenes and by the way can I have Hermione's whole wardrobe? Thanks. It amazed me that they could style her to be both on trend and timeless. They did wonderfully. And minus the part where poor Ron's deepest thoughts came to fruition, it was a fantastic show. July cannot come soon enough all of a sudden. We were watching an interview with Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter) where he was talking about part two. Apparently people have been categorizing part one as an action movie, and he basically said this was super tame compared to part two. YES.

So something crazy went through my brain when I picked my 30 items for this challenge. I said to myself if I put pieces in that need altering, I'll get it done even quicker! ...Yeah. This pinstripe needs to be taken in on the sides bad and there is no hope of that in sight. At least I got my cords taken in! Two points for my crazy ideas. Or does my not finishing this shirt make it null? Oh drat.

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  1. first off, HP WAS AWESOME RIGHT?! i can't wait for part 2. and yes, let's go steal hermione's wardrobe and split it? YES? YES.

    ugh. me too. i realize i need a lot of things shortened (i'm short) and stuff to get taken in. we need to get off our lazy butts and get more time to do this.

    still, i love your cardigan and with it, the shirt doesn't look like it needs the alteration. you look cute!