Wednesday, December 1, 2010


today I used: 11 // 17 // 26
black tights / ny & co belt (thrifted) / old navy trench

You know what's wonderful? Coming home and hearing your husband practicing Mary Did You Know on the guitar. Since we moved in May (and packed waaay before then) I haven't heard him strum much, and I so love it. He'll be accompanying a mother and daughter from our ward (what LDS members refer to a local congregation as) at our annual ward Christmas party friday. They have lovely voices and my Mister is quite fetching on that guitar, so I'm pretty sure they'll rock.

Tell you what I felt tall yesterday! Wow. Funny how you can wear the same shoes and feel completely different depending on the rest of the outfit. Fashion is a crazy thing, but I think I like it.


  1. Love that dress! Such a pretty color.

  2. i think it's cute that your husband is performing at the Christmas program. Watch me hooting with you halfway across the world. I'm sure he'll be fab!

    ALSO FAB? YOUR DRESS!!! girl you make pink look rad and not too saccharine. that is awesome.. love the belt (TINY WAIST ALERT) and yes to tights. i know you wear tights cause it's cold but it's just pretty.

    YOU LOOK LOVELY WITH YOUR HAIR AGAIN but duh what's new :D hello pretty smile ;)