Wednesday, December 1, 2010


today I used: 13 // 19 // 22
kohls scarf / dollar store socks (oh yes I did) / ae earrings / handmade pin

I'm finally up to date! YAY! Like, I am at this very moment wearing the same thing as these photos. Sweet glory. Hope I didn't completely flood your google reader with my face.

This year since money is a non-option, we are trying to find ways to celebrate the season every day. Little things, but things that will build memories and excitement for more than just Santa coming. Like tonight, we're hanging our stockings. Nothing big, right? But I really think it's important to take time and just be together, doing something seasony. (seasoned? seasonesque?) Here are a few of our 25 dailies that are sticking out from out countdown calendar:

make hot coco with candy cane swizzle sticks
watch (at least) elf, white christmas, and the grinch
drive around taking in all the fun decor (at night)
read the Christmas story (Christmas Eve, of course)
make sugar cookies

Since the Husband reads this, I'm not gonna tell you them all because I want him to be surprised. :) Do you have any I can add to the list? I'm still needing to fill a good 10 more. And if you want my full list to inspire your own, just e-mail me! I'll send it all my rein-deer. Hah!


  1. LIKE YOU WERE WEARING THIS RIGHT NOW?! NO WAY. lol, i feel you though. it's hard to catch up and actually come up with an entry for something that was over. so i'm glad you're all caught up! woot woot!!!!

    season-y is good. season-esque sounds classy though. and yeah, it's important to celebrate small stuff everyday. this is always a good thing :D

    i hope you guys have fun doing this. How about listen to christmas records (and dance next to your twinkling tree?) heehee, i'm corny.

    i lov what you did with the scarf. I've never tried pinning it together. and your brooch is precious. I think I'll try this sometime. :D

  2. Don't forget to watch some version of the Christmas Carol. It has a great message. You could do a scrapbook based, or baked 12 days of Christmas. You look awesome BTW.

  3. Ahhh!! Thank you for the comments...and for reading my blog :) You are too sweet.

    I love what you've done with your scarf here. The pin is the perfect touch! I'm always searching for new ways to wear the same scarves so that I can appear more spontaneous and less predictable (perhaps those are one in the same).

    I am in love with your 25 dailies. If we could keep this between you and me I may suggest some of these as date night ideas to my husband so I can look good. My date ideas are usually good in theory, but that's generally about as far as it goes. And I'm tired of looking like a failure. :)

    Here are my three ideas.
    1. After you bake those scrumptious sugar cookies share them with a neighbor or two. **This is really an idea for me because we live in an apartment complex and don't know a single sole who lives there.**
    2. Ice skating!!
    3. Build a snow creation. Last year I made some snowpeople in the ice filled pool in the back yard, complete with bathing suits and sunglasses!

    Based on the length of my comment I realize the I probably should have just dedicated a post to you, but I love comments and hope you do too :).

  4. How do you look so fabulous in everything and in all your pictures?! I'm jealous.

    I love cold winter nights because I love getting all bundled up and going for walks with my man. Bonus if we get to walk around some place with Christmas lights.

    The Auspicious Life

  5. Heeeyyyy!! am a new follower.. saw your blog on the bloggers list and I love your outfits AND your photos are really great.. you are so photogenic, lucky girl!!!

    I am also doing the mix and am glad this is the last stretch.. am losing steam finding creative ways to mix my items!!

    anyway, happy weekend and I look forward to seeing more of your great stuff!!
    xox Jodi

  6. Adorable outfit and great ideas for the holiday season!

  7. My hubby and I like to...

    -take funny Christmas Polaroid's and use them as our Christmas cards for family.
    -make snowmen together.
    -take cookies and treats to the 'famous' homeless people around town.
    -create fun Christmas music play lists together.

    ps. Just found your blog and you are darling. Happy Holidays from one fashion blogger to the next. xo