Tuesday, December 14, 2010


today I used: 8 // 11 // 17 // 26
downeast necklace (similar)

WE MADE IT! Hip hip hooray! Oh my oh my. When I went to my closet today...I was overwhelmed. Geez louise there were so many choices! And so many things I am realizing probably aren't really me anymore. Problem is I don't know what me is, per say. But that is why I'm doing things like the 30 for 30. To make the most of what I have, and slowly evolve myself. Figure out what works, and what doesn't. 

I want to say thanks to all the support you've given me; I'm overwhelmed by that too. There are warm fuzzies for you in my heart! World peace and cupcakes for everyone.

If you didn't catch it, go have a look at Sarah's newly renovated blog! I had a blast helping her (she's a complete sweetheart, you'll love her). Tell her how wonderful she is. And stylish. and Super amazing. And wildly talented.

Now it's time to play a tad bit of catch up on all your lovely comments (I'm trying to reply to all! Hopefully I catch you!) oh and some real life too. Yes, things like finishing buying gifts, making gingerbread houses and all sorts of great plans. We'll talk soon!


  1. Oh my word Mandi, you have got to stop saying so much nice about me! Now I feel like I have to live up to it! ;) Now let me just tel you about my blog. It's kind of like when I got my hair cut. I stare at it all the time just to make sure it's real and it really did change like it did. I could not love it more. It's so me. I have gotten some huge compliments via comments, twitter etc. by peeps who like know what they're talking about :). It's all a tribute to you sis. Can't wait till you send me a few more deets so I can start working on your post!!

    P.S. Can we talk about this location?? Where is it?? The bunting, the arrow, to DIE!

  2. wheeee!!!! congratulations girl!!! 'm really happy for you and happy i met you. i love this dress and how you layered and belted it as well.

    the color is divine on you. you and the hair are looking so lovely today!!!!

    good luck catching up with real life :D you can do it!!!! <3 i hope you get hyour christmas chores done. *hugs*

  3. Congrats on finishing the challenge! I loved every single one of your outfits. :)

  4. If you're feeling like you have too many clothes...you know who to send em to :)
    And congrats on finishing!

  5. Yay for you! That is such a big accomplishment. And I LOVE your last outfit. Super cute. :)

  6. What a fun spot you found to photograph your celebration outfit! Seems to me like you have a bunch of new clothes now.

  7. so I found you from Kendi everyday and just went and viewed all your 30/30 remixes. LOVE IT! :)