Saturday, December 18, 2010


A few weeks ago Sarah asked if I could do a guest post about wrapping, and I was lucky enough to talk about tags! Go check out the full post here and while you're at it the rest of the gift wrapping guest posts! I'm dieing over the homemade burlap gift bows. So cool.


  1. Mandi thank you so much!! I feel awful, because for the first couple hours, I didn't have your blog linked!! Please forgive me!! It's now linked. I love your post!

  2. your tags are divine! Thanks for the freebie and I am so glad you are dying over my that wierd to say? heehee.

  3. Mandi, I didn't know you had this blog. Here I am thinking that you are going to update your family blog when you are blogging here! I love this!!! It is such a simple and elegant look. Very classy. I am totally going to follow you.


  4. omg my gifts look like crap next to these. so pretty though!!! love it!!! <3