Thursday, December 30, 2010

Don't Eat the Yellow Snow + Casual Thursdays

sweater: ae, tank: downeast, jeans: ae, boots: target invisible socks: wal-mart

So, my new camera and I are still getting to know each other. Like, awkward thrown into a group art project that everyone has opposing ideas on awkward. You know what I mean. When I shoot in manual, about 90% of my photos are blurry...hmm. Any ideas my lovelies? At least they're blurry in double the pixels! Yay! We'll get an A+ on this project yet.

My amazing boss lets me work from home on fridays, so thursdays have gotten...causual. For some reason, by thursday I am ready for comfy. Then friday at home I'm all dolled up and by the time husband gets home I really want to go out and show the world that yes, I do get actual outfits on! Amazing!

Have you guys noticed the slight layout change? I did a little edit and now my photos are x-large sized. Wahoo for you! I've also joined a couple of sites that might interest you: bloglovin, mormon fashion bloggers, and instagram (username thinkingaboutpretty). We can now connect in all sorts of fun ways. :)


  1. What an awesome location for photos!

  2. It was so much fun getting to have a sleep over with you guys last night. Thanks for putting us up so we didn't have to drive home in the dark. Our girls sure do love you guys. And that breakfast was amazing. Thanks again!

  3. yes i did notice the larger width which i appreciate just because i get to see you in bigger photos. which is always always A+

    i'm sure you and the camera will get along better as 2011 rolls around ;) love all the snow and you lookin rad in it!