Saturday, January 1, 2011

Corrugated Steel + Tron

plaid: thrifted, vest: aeropostale (similar), belt: ny& co-thrifted, jeans: lucky, boots: local boutique

In honor of the last day of the year, we went out with style by going and seeing TRON! Yes yes yes. I have quite literally been wanting to see this movie for years. And it was awesome! I seriously loved it. (We could skip the 3-D next time and it wouldn't be a huge loss, though.) Has anyone seen it yet? If not, go rent the first Tron and have yourself a horribly awesome good time. I mean horribly awesome! Since it was one of the very first movies to use CGI, you're in for a treat. 

We're heading up to the in-laws today for some good food and a extra dose of little sister is bringing home a boyfriend fun. Should be wonderful!

HAPPY 2011!


  1. oooh enjoy meeting the boyfriend!
    but really i'm glad you enjoyed tron:legacy.

    i find garrett hedlund absolutely adorable so it was such a treat. the movie though was a visual masterpiece. so pretttty!!! glad you enjoyed!

    ps. love the croppign of the last photo. ;)

  2. Happy New Year. You look adorable (as always) with the short vest over the plaid.

    The Auspicious Life

  3. I had to illegally download (shhh!) the original Tron b/c I heard Disney pulled it off shelves b/c they were embarrassed by all the cheese. Which I don't get. I love cheese.

    AND I LOVE YOUR VEST!! You look so crisp today :)

  4. I like the belted vest! Happy new year!

  5. love the belted vest, but i esPESHally love the plaid shirt. great look!

  6. You are darling! I love your hair. And how you belted your vest. Happy 2011!

    Kristine. Or Polly.