Friday, December 24, 2010

Quick Gift

supply list: old sewing pattern, baker's twine, cardstock, patterned paper, paper tape, stick-on pearls, candy cane, hot hand warmers

Our new neighborhood has been overwhelmingly welcoming. When we first got moved in, we called the post office to tell them they could start bringing the mail to our box now (we built, and thus had an address and things were already being sent with no mailbox!) and the sweet man said "We've been waiting for you!" It's a small town.

Our mail lady has been just lovely-she was even the first to compliment us on our cheery blue door. So I thought it would be great to give her something-but I didn't know what. Money, apparently, isn't very kosher. I didn't dare do food...who knows what she likes. Then it hit me! Hand warmers. We have a ton around, so I grabbed a pack and wrapped them up in an old sewing pattern and some baker's twine and a little thank you note. In the mailbox it is! Hopefully she doesn't try to mail it to anyone. :)

Have you ever given a gift to someone like a postal worker? What sorts of things have you given?


  1. awwww. this is really sweet. first off, cute gift. you're so thoughtful! second, what a sweet town!!! i love small towns and how awesome they can be so it's really cute how you're helping perpetuate the wonderful feeling of the neighborhood :)

  2. WOW! Your packages look so pretty and so thoughtful too! I never know what to give the postal workers so I write them a thank you card. =)

  3. I clicked over from SEI...this is so darling and that Twinery twine is so luscious!