Friday, December 24, 2010

A Swamp

shirt: old navy (similar), jeans: ae, necklace: wal-mart, shoes: target

I was a bit giddy yesterday. This old house I happened upon on my way back from the post office was actually a bit of a hidden swamp. And I was in heels but it was fun! It felt a little bit like those big blow up bounce houses that kids get to play in. I'd say half of my photos are my mid way back to my position, stumbling. It was a good time!

There is another reason why I was all smiles though; four years of marriage! A whole bachelor's degree worth is now under our belts. We need some cap and gowns and pictures with the university president. Who would that be, anyway?

We went to a delicious restaurant way up in the mountains. It was foggy in places, and perfectly clear in others so much that we saw stars we hadn't seen in years. I love looking at the stars...a gift taught to me by my Dad who always points out various constellations and planets. We even saw two fluffy sweet deer as we were pulling in. Perfect.

Also, at the recommendation of Sydney, I tried the Jemma Kid lipstick (wearing it in the photos) and oh my goodness, I am getting a tube next visit. The only reason it's not with me now is because they were all gone. And for the record, I echo her Bare Minerals recommendation entirely. Their eye shadows are the only company who doesn't give me serious grief. Like itchy, red, sty, horrible grief. I love Bare Minerals.


  1. Happy anniversary!! :)

    Oh I love the lipstick! I saw it the other day at target but I was having second thoughts because it was $16, for makeup at Target (I'm a total cheapstake!) But I'm totally going to buy it next time (if they have any) :)

  2. first off belated HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! four years!!! that's awesome ;) i dont think i've liked anyone consistently for four years much more marry them! haha. you are my idol :D

    second, you look great! from the top to your necklace and of course, the hair is awesome. :)

    but really, hope the holidays are gerat for you and your husband!!!