Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Old Navy + The Po Po

sweater: downeast, cap sleeve: shade, shiny tank + pencil skirt (similar) + shoes (similar): old navy, tights: wal-mart, jacket + necklace: F21

Ramsey posted yesterday about how she wears F21 everyday...well I am Old Navy everyday. I think having lived in a college town with little shopping options for 6 years is the bulk of the reason. It's always a good time to go to campus and see five other girls with your shirt on! Haha. C'est la vie--at least now I am trying to branch out.

We went to the temple last night! Oh how I love it. And I love that I get to dress up for it. It does put me in a more spiritual mindset when I prepare in the morning and make myself look nice. The sparkly necklace made me really feel extra glam. And the lovely new coat that took a good chunk of my spending money. I really can't care though because I love it and it is super warm and wonderful! And when you live in the Arctic, those two words often don't get to collide.

So I was having a scattered morning a few days ago, running late, lots of things on my mind...and I got pulled over. AAAH. Right as I was turning onto the highway, there go the lights in my back window. He was a sweet cop though; told me good morning and asked kindly if I knew the speed limit of the town I just came through. Sadly, I did not. I guessed 55 (seriously, mind blanked) and he goes "Well, it's 50 and I clocked you at 61" Uh-huh. Totally deserves a ticket, right here, this girl. So he went back and I sat there thinking about how we were going to go pick up a bed frame we found for cheap on the classifieds and that was now down the drain, and he comes back with a little yellow warning slip. OH THANK YOU SWEET MAN. He told me to drive safe and have a good day, and I drove off saying lots of little thank you thank you thank yous.

And yes, we got the bed frame. I'll show you soon! Happy wednesday lovelies!


  1. Oh how I love that cardigan sweater with the embellishments. And I love the monochrome look.
    I think I wear something from either Old Navy or Target everyday. It's okay to wear the same things as someone else, especially when you were it uniquely like you did today!
    I'm glad you had a run-in with a friendly cop!

    The Auspicious Life

  2. Waaaah, those shoes are killer. I have no idea what word that is that I just typed but it's the sound my mouth made when I looked at those heels.

    Happy no-ticket day! THRILLING!

  3. THANK GOODNESS FOR THAT SWEET COP. i wish we had sweet cops here. we just have evil, corrupt one but yay for sweet ones!!

    but really, coat + tights + necklace + heels + dress + HAIR = LOVELY. you look great dear. ;) hope you have a good weekend up ahead.

    ps. i love old navy!

  4. Your hair is amazing. And you make Old Navy look soooo good! And isn't is scary when you get pulled over? Yikes!

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  5. um...i just posted a comment but it kinda went weird on me. basically i just told you this look is fabulous. you look beautiful!

  6. I've had your blog in my reader for a while but just realized that 1) I don't think I've ever commented!! and 2) I wasn't following you on your blog. Your style is adorable and very much look forward to your posts. And I really like this sweater, very cute.