Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thanks, Gap + Giveaway Reminder

gap sweater / forever 21 jeggings / target socks / local boutique boots / forever 21 jacket

This morning right as I heard the garage door close from husband leaving, my phone rang. It was his very own special ring tone (from that time we had internet on our phones for like, a month! Hah.) and I got really excited hearing it and ran to the bedroom to get it. He told me to go look at the moon-it was rising over the lake and was just perfect. soft pinks and blue and the reflection...lovely. I was consumed and forgot to take a picture! Dangit. Hopefully tomorrow is does the exact same thing. That happens in nature, right?

My sweater and pants are Christmas purchases..hooray! Gap was having a 40% off sale the day we went in, so it was only maybe $14? I love it. Also, I hate the name jeggings. Lame lame lame. But I love them on me, so I'll just keep calling them my denim leggings like a nerd.

My oatmeal is now done and I must go, but don't forget about the giveaway that ends tomorrow! And another starting...exciting!


  1. Yes!!!! You got the links to work!!!

    Psst.. You could also put your widget on the sidebar! You don't have to put them underneath all your posts!

  2. The new header is so cute! I'm working on a new one as well.

    I love the beautiful simplicity of this outfit. It looks effortless and chic.

    Thank you for the comments. Every time I see a comment my heart leaps! Thank you thank you thank you!

  3. I know you said a couple of posts ago that you use exercise tv... any video suggestions?


  4. Oh my, I've been eyeing (eying? is either one really a word? =) this sweater for a while. Glad you got such a good deal, and I'm ALSO glad to see how nice it looks on a real live person! I'm now even more excited to get one for myself.

  5. I prefer denim legging terminology, too :) And what a STEAL these pieces were! I spent $30 the other day on a sweater and skirt thinking I'd got away with something but obviously you've got me beat!

    Super amazing photos, per usual :)

  6. (kicking and screaming like i'm 2) I need your help. I can not for the life of me figure out this stupid header situation. I'm sure if I did much research at all I could figure it out, in fact I was probably taught something about it in college, but I can't remember. Can you tell me what size to make my file so that my header is a. not pixelated and b. fits so nicely like yours does?

    I can not decide on the 30 for 30. I feel like I would put in A LOT of the same pieces. But it was SO good last time. I just hate winter coldness. :(

  7. Thanks for the sweet comments! And girl, I'd love to trade hair with you for a day, but my hair looks just like yours when it's longer! haha I have curly hair, but it goes straight when it's short for some reason. I love your look and your blog! So I'm glad we've become blogging buddies. : )

  8. WOMAN YOU LOOK LOVELY IN YOUR LOVELY NEW PURCHASES. christmas money for the win!! i love the top and the jacket and the everything. and your background? I LOVE IT TOO.

    you know what i love more? how sweet your husband was to call you and tell you to look at the moon. i really did go awww there.

  9. This backdrop is so great, really goes weel with your outfit! I love it when a setting complements the look :)

    Your legs look about 2 miles long in these fab jeans and boots!