Sunday, February 20, 2011

13/30 + 14/30





on day 13 I wore: 2 / 9 / 17 / 24 / target socks
on day 14 I wore: 4 / 15 / 18 / 25

I was teaching a scrapbooking class saturday and so slept in later than I should have. Thus, there was no outfit planning time. I threw the ruffles on top of ruffles and left without thinking twice about the double duty going on. And I like ended up liking it. So I should probably stop over thinking outfits.

After class husband and I took an epic trip around town. We went to TJMaxx and bought new towels! YAY. When we first bought our house last year we got crisp, white, beautiful towels. Being a new house though, we had no grass...just dirt. Then we worked outside, a lot. And the wind blew dirt inside, a lot. And suddenly our towels were not so white. And then last week a pen snuck into our white load and that pretty much settled it. Now we have lovely gray towels. Us: 1 Mother Nature: 1. We'll see who wins this summer.

And don't worry, we stopped in Sam's Club and went to sample heaven. There were yogurts, chickens, jerkies and more. This was after our delicious lunch too. I had smoked salmon tacos and he had tri-tip something or other. We are food champions.


  1. YAY FOR NEW WHITE TOWELS> you will win this summer. mother nature, watch out, mandi and husband are prepared!!! :d

    welcome back to the inside of your house!!!

  2. I love your style and your pictures!

    I also want to know who will win this year - "Mother Nature" or "You"? My support is to you!

    Wanna follow each other?

  3. I love the ruffles on ruffles. And I totally over think my outfits as well.

    Samples are the best. My husband and I liked to go to Costco before big holidays, because holidays=tons of samples.

    North Meets South