Saturday, February 5, 2011


today I wore: 2 / 12 / 17 / 25 / handmade necklace (fab tutorial here)

I solemnly swear...

..I had a blast today! You see, we went to this magical land called SMITH AND EDWARDS. It's a bit of a Utah legend, boasting such things as "we have anything you want, if you can find it." They know just how to get me. Husband needed a hose nosel and I needed to hold his hand. In public. Because it's almost as wonderful as forehead kisses.

So after exiting with hose nosels in hand, we found this fantastic little box car something (Seriously, I don't know what you call it.) because they have random things like this lying about. And he knew exactly what I wanted. Photos! He is smart that man. But then I got shy because I saw cowboys watching me from a-far. Next time I will fiercely look them in the eye and score a fab photo irregardless of their spectating. I did remember to add my day to these photos though! WIN!

Our internet is going bonkers tonight, so I'm giving up the blog race and am going to go cuddle with this handsome man. I can't get enough of him. Night!


  1. Great photos today! I really like the rusty boxcar, or whatever that is.

  2. Your hair is so pretty!

  3. Husband needed a hose nosel and I needed to hold his hand. In public. <-- you guys are too adorable, for real.

    and those cowboys are looking cause you look fantastic. i love the sweater and how your hair is looking A+ as always ;) lovely!