Friday, February 4, 2011


today I wore: 11 / 14 / 18 / 26 / vintage necklace

I am breaking all kinds of rules with Day 3...

long sleeve UNDER a short sleeve
skinny pants + heels (instead of boots)
uploaded photos to flickr instead of blogger
wore nudy tights underneath to keep warm
took pictures in the full on SUN!

So I hope you enjoy all my goofy faces because I was having myself a good time. And only one neighbor saw me (that I know of). Do you like how that semi is about to hit me? It was a close one.

We both got home at 10 o'clock last night so this late post is also quick-I need to SHOWER. I'm going to be spending some quality time with one certain BFF Kelli. Yessss. We're going to have breakfast and look at paper and giggle a lot. Can't wait!


  1. You should break "rules" more often - this outfit is fantastic. You look beautiful and happy.

  2. i love love love this outfit! you look so pretty. :)

  3. Rules are meant to be broken. ;) This outfit is lovely.

  4. This outfit is great (and so is the location!).

    I can't believe you are wearing sandals (how far is my winter from your winter? Cause I'm coming right over!)

  5. I am a little in love with this shirt! So flowery!

  6. love your outfit! you look amazing!

  7. i love all this rule breaking. you are looking fierce woman. even with the silly faces.

    love the printed top. and your skinny skinny legs look miles long.

    but my favorite part? the hair of course. you look wonderful! here's to more rule breaking!

  8. the floral? on your shirt? LOVE. you look awesome. annnnd...way to avoid the semi. close call. :)

  9. You are so funny. I love the semi. :) Love the look too.

  10. -GASPPP- I am SO glad I came across your blog! You da bomb girl. I've been looking through your posts and ummm you have amazing style. And your hair's just perfection holy shiz.
    By the way, it's awesome that you're breaking all possible rules in the book. Lovin' the results!
    Big kiss to ya!

  11. Love this look. The pants and the shoes together are particularly wonderful! Oh, and your hair ;)