Saturday, March 5, 2011







Let's play catch up! This was last weekend. Our play date of friends ended up a little smaller than expected but we still had a rockin time. Meg's homemade pizza dough was supppper good and finding out Amanda will most likely move back to Utah this year?! yes yes yes! These girls are my non-blood sisters and I miss them when they live in Germany.

We make it a goal to go to the temple once a month so saturday was the day! They'll be completely renovating the Ogden temple starting in April so we're trying to appreciate this version as much as we can. Right as our camera battery died a very very large group of teens came out so I counted the dead battery as lucky. No weird looks for outfit photos is always lucky.

The last photo is us ROLLER SKATING! Our insurance company throws a customer appreciation day a couple times a year so we got to skate up. Is that a term? Probably not. But we had fun. Husband can do anything so he was just gliding and spinning and doing all sorts of fancy things while I tried to stay vertical. It worked pretty well. ;)

I hear breakfast being made in the kitchen so I'm off! Happy Saturday! Do something adventurous, okay?


  1. Love it! Looks like you had a fantastic weekend! I was wondering where you went...

    Also, Chase and I are re-instilling our monthly temple date today so it was funny you mentioned that!!

  2. i played catch up for the last five outfits of the remix too :D

    the mustard sweater strikes again and in a really pretty outfit too! i swear you look adorable :D

    ROLLER SKATING LOOKS FANTASTIC. i'm all sorts of jealous. except i can't really balance haha!