Thursday, March 3, 2011

Friday Sensibles

Snagged this idea from Sheena...I thought it looked like fun! Join me in the comments or link your own. Let's get to know each other's fridays better!

Making: Tiny patterns, which is my favorite kind in the whole world to make!
Laughing at: The "Stop Being Sick! Call now!" Ad my boss gave me at work today. She's hilarious.
Seeing: Mountains out the window. They're calming to watch.
Hearing: Owl City station on pandora.
Smelling: Nothing, really. Should I be worried that I'm not?
Tasting: Green peppers and raspberry vinaigrette on my salad and a piece of garlic roasted tomato and green pepper pizza. Do I like green peppers?
Feeling: Less sick. Which is exciting!
Reading: Just finished the Kalahari Typing School For Men last night and today I start the Hunger Games! Oh my goodness this day is going to be a good one.
Wishing: March 14th would hurry up and get here. Srsly.
Loving: This swimsuit. In slate, please.
Craving: The sun. It was raining and snowing on the my way to work.
Anticipating: Tuesday, the first day of Husband's internship! YES!