Thursday, March 10, 2011


on day 30 I wore: 6 / 18 / 25 / homemade heart / F21 earrings

And then there was none! Oh my goodness. I'm amazed! Thanks for all the encouragement this round you guys-I needed a lot. And you delivered. Thank you thank you. From the the bottom of my glittered heart.

Now, I mentioned on last friday sensibles that I was excited for March 14th. Which bytheway, I noticed a few days later that I had posted that on a thursday. Clearly I was not feeling as better as I thought I was. Hah! Anyway. The day is extra wonderful because we will be on a big fat CRUISE! YES! Oh yes yes yes. We will be with family and sun and it will be perfect. I need your advice though. For those cruisers, what did you wish you had brought on your trip? Left behind? NOT ATE? Excursion not to miss? We have been on one a few years ago, but any advice you can send my way will bring you heaps of thank yous and good karma. I believe in that kind of thing you know.


  1. a. holy cow a cruise. amazing. have fun!!! b. congrats on finishing! you did so good! c. your hair. i die. it's so amazing! d. have a good day toots! : )

  2. yay! congrats on finishing! the last week seems the longest.
    have SO much fun on your cruise...i have no advice to give...never been. but i'm sure it will be spectacular!

  3. Yayyy!!! Congrats on being finished! Your 30th look is adorable!

  4. YOU DID IT!!!!!!

    Bring an alarm clock...and wear a watch. My husband and I are cellphone people and didn't realize there wouldn't be a clock...or a window.. So we would sleep through the whole day without realizing it!

  5. love cruises!

    hosting a giveaway:

  6. your heart pin is adorable! great outfit!

    dash dot dotty

  7. Congrats on getting through the whole 30! I love your hair, so cute and fun. And the heart :)

  8. The shirt is so adorable! I love anything with hearts on it!

    Born To Be Styled

  9. Mandi you made it! Now you can wear whatever you want!!! I love love that little heart pin. So sweet. Also, should I just go ahead and repin every single thing you pin on Pinterest? Gash, you have the best taste.