Sunday, July 10, 2011

Apparently I need to slow down.

shirt: h&m, skirt: thrifted, shoes: target, watch: american eagle

So I haven't been very good at updating you all on life right now. It's been full of almost entirely wonderful thing things like going to amazing cousins weddings (see above photo) and having my family come out for 3 weeks to camp and play and make merry! Our little family was in charge of the family reunion this year so my Mom and I were crafting and building up a storm, making lots of activities for everyone. A lot of which never happened, haha, but I'll share with you the ones that did! Once my Mom gets her pictures to me.

You see, I didn't hardly take any pictures while they were here this year...holding a camera right now is hard! About a month ago I sprained/tore my ankle. Wheeeee! I was doing a particularly intense awesome TurboFire video and rolled it all the way around, landing ungracefully on my side. Luckily husband was there to convince me to stop working out (boo) and ice it, and I spent a week and a half walking on it with various braces we found at walgreens and wal-mart. My Sister In Law who works at a hospital brought down a boot she had from when she broke her foot and upon sight of said sausage foot convinced me to go to the doctors. X-rays and CAT scans later I was broken free but torn and sprained. So Husband went and borrowed the sweetest set of crutches I have ever seen from our kind neighbors for me. And now re-reading this I see I need a lot of convincing to take care of my ankle. Hah! I go in tomorrow for an evaluation and hopefully I can start recovery! YAY! Just in the last two days the swelling has gone way down and it's starting to look like my foot again, which is awesome. Sausage foot will not be missed.


Seriously minus the ankle deal, summer has been splendid! I have a bunch of tutorials to give you and hopefully I can fit my foot into normal clothes again soon and can take pictures of outfits. Because yoga pants are the only thing that fit over my humungous splint right now, so fashion may have taken a hit. Let's all just be glad at least I can put something on, because otherwise I'd be joining Sydney at the nudist colony. Which still feels like a very valid option right now.

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  1. i'm sorry you got injured but yay for a good summer :)